Todmorden Therapy

Daniel Weaver: counselling and psychotherapy.

I work with individual clients and couples/relationships;

outdoors in natural surroundings
indoors when safe to do soonline under some circumstances
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Subject to assessment and by joint approval.

Finding the right approach for each client is important, for safety and success. We will decide this together during our assessment.

Therapy can be helpful in times of crisis, times of change and times of reflection. Todmorden Therapy offers a safe and confidential space to find your way forward.

You may be experiencing distress, anxiety, depression, anger or chaos. Perhaps something has changed which leaves you hurt, bereft or confused…? Or perhaps you want to explore your possibilities, shape your future or reflect on your past. Counselling and psychotherapy can help to focus you or keep you safely on track, towards the positive outcomes you hope for.

To change something that has troubled you or held you back, you may need support from an experienced and sensitive professional. A non-judgemental and confidential space in your life where you can untangle, offload or unpack what holds you back or makes you feel bad. Together we can make the changes that matter, by exploring the past, looking to the future and paying careful attention to the present moment.

If you would be interested in joining a therapy group please let me know.

I have experience of working with issues such as:

  • trauma (from the past or from recent events)
  • anxiety (a common root of crisis/stress is the difficulty of thinking under pressure because of anxiety)
  • sexual abuse (including what a partner, friend or family member may have experienced)
  • bereavement (loss and the effects on individuals, relationships and families)
  • suicide (suicidal feelings can be more easily discussed outside of your close relationships)
  • relationship problems (partners, family, siblings, colleagues…)
  • identity (knowing ourselves and becoming the person we really want to be)
  • sexual issues (loss or excess of libido, disfunction, incompatibilities…)
  • loneliness (isolation, shyness, withdrawal, shame…)
  • somatic illnesses (eg. stress related ailments, repetitive injuries)
  • social phobias (social anxiety, shyness, agoraphobia…)
  • compulsions (not feeling in control of things we do, things we wish we didn’t do…)
  • feeling overwhelmed (trouble finishing tasks or starting tasks, seeing jobs pile up…)
  • loss of motivation (procrastination, creative block…)
  • ….

etc I also have extensive experience of working creatively with Autistic Spectrum Conditions and Learning Disabilities, including people with limited speech and people who prefer not to rely on words alone.  see FAQs for more information.

I abide by the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists code of ethics.

professional standards authority approved practitioner with Membership number