Telephone/online counselling

As a counsellor I have been using remote contact for some time (online/video or telephone counselling), even before the Covid19 pandemic made house calls unwise and small meeting rooms insecure. Working remotely can offer some challenges to communication, but may also offer some advantages and greater access for many. I am pleased to say that I have had good results with many clients via telephone and videocalls.

It is important to smooth out the technical challenges and idiosyncracies of video calling but this is quick and easily. It be negotiated to help us both feel comfortable and offers some creative opportunities too. Clients have used the chat boxes to write down key phrases and question or to write things they cannot say out loud. They have a record of key questions or thoughts to review later. Whiteboards and screen sharing allow us to use images, diagrams and drawing exercises to explore non-verbally.

Lastly, working by phone or online allows you to be at home or in a space that you can control. This can be really helpful if travelling to a meeting causes stress or anxiety. I recognise that it can also be hard to create a feeling of privacy, in a shared home space, but together we should be able to make the best of these challenges and find a way to work safely and comfortably.