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Men affected by suicide – discussion.

This event has finished, but if you have been affected by someone’s suicide or threats to end their life you can contact me through this website to arrange a free phone call.

A free discussion group as part of the Pushing up Daisies festival 2019    May 16th at 7pm

at Todmorden Therapy, off Rise Lane, Todmorden. OL14 7AA

The death of someone close to us can be devastating and disorganising, and loss through suicide can be especially complicated.

If you have been affected by someones suicide or an attempted suicide, or if you yourself have had thoughts of ending your life, please join us for an open, non-judgemental discussion.

This group is for men* because they are a group at high risk of suicide and who may also find it hard to talk about such issues. Please join us to help explore or unburden, to illuminate and understand this complex issue. Whilst the subject is serious, we often find that humour and solidarity can make these sessions uplifting and life affirming.

*The group is advertised for men as there is a high risk among men, also because I have heard many men say they prefer a single sex group. I realise that this may feel off-putting or excluding to people who identify as other than men.

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