Fees and info


I charge £55 per session; reviewed annually. A session is about 50 minutes, but not usually more than an hour. Introductory session is £25.

Relationship/Couples work is £70 per hour.

I offer a sliding scale for clients of limited income to attend at a reduced rate – to be mutually agreed. I cannot offer this to everyone but feel free to ask me if you are low-waged or experiencing financial difficulties.

I would like to be able to help refugees (some english language may be necessary). Please contact me if interested.

Non-attendance is chargeable, unless you give me one working day notice. Two days is preferred.

Introductory meeting

Our first session is not a therapy session, but a chance ask a few questions, to get a sense of whether we will be able to work together. You should spend some time thinking about what you want from therapy and how you would like a therapist to be. If we agree to go on to work together I may suggest that we have 6 or 8 sessions as a trial period to see if my style of therapy is going to work for you. This may be enough and we could stop or agree to continue, with a clearer idea of what it is you hope to change, until we agree to finish. If for any reason you feel like stopping, we discuss this openly and work towards an ending.


wheelchair logoI use 2 spaces in Todmorden and one is accessible. One has 2 high steps in and a step up into the loo, making it unpractical for some wheelchair users. The other is on ground level, with a fully accessible loo.  I do need to book this space in advance though so please let me know if that is what you would like.

I also see clients in the Hebden Bridge Therapy Center which has lift access and a larger loo with support bars. Please contact me if this needs clarifying. I would hope to help smooth any barriers to therapy that people with mobility or sensory issues experience.


Once we have agreed to work together we may agree to meet weekly or fortnightly. It is rarely effective to meet less often and can be disruptive to meet erratically. So I recommend you stick with the agreed frequency and discuss any need for flexibility if it arises. If you cancel frequently I may suggest that we stop work until you are able to attend regularly.


I abide by the code of practise and ethics of my professional organisation the BACP. You can contact the BACP for advice on choosing a therapist. Or to check their credentials. Quote this number