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Fees and discounts

I currently charge £45 for individuals and £60 for couples, for a one hour session.

Concessions and reductions are usually possible by agreement*. Feel free to ask if you are low waged or have limited income.

I ask that a client pay for sessions in advance because, excepting emergencies, 48 hours notice is required to cancel an arranged session. There is a cancellation fee for sessions that you do not to attend or cancel without sufficient notice. For couple sessions, if one partner does not attend the session cannot proceed, so a cancellation is charged.

For information on the cost of my workshops please use the enquiry form and give a brief outline of your organisation or event.

*I have 8 weekly sessions at reduced fees which are negotiated with clients at the start of therapy, or if they encounter an unexpected or unavoidable change in circumstances. Once those slots are all allocated I cannot offer any more until one of those clients either finishes therapy or has an upward change in their finances.