Couple/Relationship Counselling

My work with relationships is a little different to my work with individual clients. Here the central concern is the relationship. Our job is to work out what will help the relationship to go where it needs to go. Sometimes that means helping a relationship to conclude, without unnecessary hurt.

Each person brings their own style and history with them and the combining histories multiply the complexity within the relationship. It is often the case that a partnership keeps meeting the same conflicts, blockages or crises and these may feel unchangeable. But my experience tells me that counselling can provide an effective way to untangle the knotty issues and to find the compassion we need to really hear each other. Sometimes we need this kind of space to really hear ourselves.

All parties need to be willing to turn up and give their full attention, to respect each other and to respect the process. It can require courage and patience, but it usually helps.

I have no agenda regarding types of relationships. I respect peoples’ choices to express themselves in personal ways. I hold a non-judgemental position.

LGBTQ+ friendly

Some couples have been kind enough to leave google reviews for Todmorden therapy.

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