Todmorden Conference 2023

June 3rd 9.30am-4.30pm, with lunch included £40.

Morning workshops from Jim Davis, Rufus May and Rachel Newsome (fully booked).

Afternoon workshops from Bev Gibbons, Julie West, Clare Pearl, Daniel Weaver. Details below.

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A chance for therapists of various modalities to meet, share and exchange. In Todmorden on the West Yorkshire border to Lancashire.

Each year I look for a range of complimentary approaches, people with experience to share from the broad range of possibilities. This year 2023 the loose theme is the body; the home of our feelings, the physical world of us. Some see it as a vessel or container etc. some hardly think of it at all.

This year’s presenters will bring their experience of this theme from a variety of perspectives.

Bring your body and it’s thoughts, feelings and active presence and join us in an enriching day of exchange, learning, offering and receiving.

Workshops details below –

When: June 3rd 10am-5pm, with lunch included.

Where: The former Postal Depot, Rise Lane, Todmorden OL147AA

Entrance to the former postal sorting office in Todmorden

M o r n i n g w o r k s h o p s

Jim Davis – experiencing ways of moving and connecting to others, using the ‘languages’ of music and some very basic ‘dance’

Jim Davis BA(Oxon), MSc, Relate Cert Couns, CTA, TSTA.  
is a qualified UKCP Registered Psychotherapist and a European Association of Transactional Analysis qualified supervisor and trainer. He has practised as a psychotherapist for over 20 years, with individuals, couples and groups, and has trained in gestalt, person-centred, bodywork and couples therapy (qualified with Relate Marriage Guidance) as well as in Transactional Analysis.
His style of training encompasses a deep knowledge of theory and practice, clear structure, warmth, interactive learner-centred teaching, and fun.
Moving bodies
This experiential workshop is about nonverbal communication and what Daniel Stern calls ‘vitality affects’, about the way in which our experience is encapsulated in, and communicated via, ‘movement’, for example in the force, speed and flow of gestures, shifting facial expressions, the prosody (sound) of speech and quality of touch. Prior to the development of language this is how communication takes place, and it continues in life to take precedence over what is said. In the workshop we will experience some ways of moving and
connecting to others, using the ‘languages’ of music and some very basic ‘dance’. My aim is to create a space to get excited, have fun and to learn about ourselves…. and as the poet Mary Oliver would say, you don’t have to be good at it, ‘you only have to let the soft animal of your body
love what it loves’.

Rachel Newsome – Introduction To Transformative Journaling This workshop is now fully booked

Rachel Newsome is leading other versions of this workshop, see Rachel Newsome

About Rachel Newsome
I am a Jungian-based writer, mentor and creativity facilitator with over eighteen years of
experience teaching creative arts subjects in Higher Education. I have recently completed a PhD
in synthesising Jungian psychotherapy with creative writing. I am an Associate Lecturer in
Creative Writing at The University of Salford & Leeds Arts University and offer mentoring for
writers at all stages of experience. I run courses & workshops for anyone interested in using
writing as a tool to facilitate creativity and promote psychological growth. I also deliver creative
workshops & mentoring in partnership with arts organisations, including Castlefield Art Gallery
and Manchester International Festival.
We are socialised to view our thoughts and beliefs as who we are, while the spontaneous intuitive playfulness we could so easily access as young children often gets buried. As a result, our
thinking can become rigid and fixed. Journaling about our thoughts, feelings and emotions in
response to life’s challenges creates space for us to witness ourselves from a place of
compassionate curiosity. It can help us: recognise and break unconscious patterns, process stuck emotions, make sense of difficult experiences, improve our relationships and enhance our ability to make informed choices. Regular practice can re-wire our neural pathways, shift old mind-sets and expand our sense of self-possibility. This two-hour workshop will offer an introduction to the relationship between transformative journaling, neuroscience and therapeutic approaches to writing for wellbeing underpinned by
Jungian psychoanalysis. It will include a series of writing prompts aimed at developing cognitive
flexibility, facilitating creativity and supporting psychological growth.
This workshop is not therapy but is geared towards enabling transformative growth through the
practice of writing. During the workshop you will be responsible for your own safety. You are
encouraged to go at your own pace, engage with the material at a level that feels right for you
and avoid ‘over-disclosing’ matter that is particularly painful or private.

By participating in this workshop, you are agreeing to the following:
Everyone matters and has a right to be heard.
Everyone has the right to feel safe.
Everyone has a right to confidentiality – what is said in the group stays in the group.

Rufus May and Elisabeth Svanholmer – Using martial arts concepts and practices therapeutically

Rufus May (clinical psychologist)
Elisabeth Svanholmer (facilitator) are part of the Hearing Voices Network. Last year they led a very successful workshop on working with people who hear voices. Rufus regularly uses dance and physical activities in his work with clients.
“Be like water my friend”
Using martial arts concepts therapeutically. Exploring physical expression in therapy practise. This will be an experiential workshop. We will explore ways to use ‘rock and water’ and related body awareness exercises therapeutically.  
Weather permitting, this workshop will take place outside.

A f t e r n o o n w o r k s h o p s

Bev Gibbons and James Sweeney- Sexual Attraction and Impulse in the Therapy Room

Bev Gibbons TSTA is a Training and Supervising Transactional Analysis psychotherapist and qualified integrative counsellor, with many years experience. She is passionate about getting TA ‘out there’ so that as many people as possible are aware of it, and can have the opportunity to experience themselves positively through it’s great potential to transform. She is travelling an ongoing and ever deepening journey into intersubjectivity, and has a fascination and deep interest in the transformational possibilities of working with the liminal – the threshold between the ‘what was’ and ‘what next’. Bev is the current EATA exam site supervisor for UK CTA oral exams and member of the UKATA Training and Accreditation Standards Committee.James Sweeney has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Counselling, a Masters Degree in Counselling Studies and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education(HE). He is a Provisional Teaching and Supervising
Transactional Analyst. James is fascinated by process and how we relate to each other and how we learn in an interpersonal context.
James is also interested in the role of power in relationships and how
this is co-created in the areas of sex, gender and sexuality both from individual and cultural perspectives.
Sexual Attraction and Impulse in the Therapy Room
This workshop will focus on experiences of attraction and the erotic in the therapy room, with the aim of normalising and integrating them so that they become another way of understanding your client, and your work with them.
We will explore your own responses to attraction, sexual feelings and the erotic, and your experiences in your work via small and large group discussion, with some sharing of theory ideas. We will also reflect on ethical considerations that emerge.

Daniel Weaver – Spontenaeity and connection

Daniel is an integrative counsellor working in private practise and for a charity providing free counselling to people on the autistic spectrum.
Daniel worked as a creative musician and performer for 20+ years before retraining in psychotherapy.
How do we (as therapists) manage spontaneous responses with clients and how does this affect, positively or negatively, our ability to stay connected.
This workshop will look at basic Transactional Analysis and Poly Vagal Theory as ways to explore our inner world. No prior knowledge of these theories is required. Some practical examples will be explored through participation with sensitivity and consent.

Julie West – Playing in nature and the elements

Julie is an Outdoor Play and Filial Therapist working with individual children, parents, family units and small groups. As well as experiential sessions on playfulness and well-being for adults.  

Julie is an experienced trainer and teacher having taught  Playwòrk and Counselling, Play Across the Life Span, the Certificate of Best Practice in Outdoor Play Therapy. 

Training in Nature Connection and the Eight Shields and local Community Interest Company, Live Wild, has deepened Julie’s felt knowledge that we don’t just go into nature, but we are nature. She is now supporting Looby Macnarma’s (People in Permaculture and Cultural Emergence) year long CEED of PEACE Course.
Playing with our body in nature, connecting with the elements and noticing how this changes how we feel
Playfulness and nature are naturally healing, they both give us opportunities to explore, express and reflect upon our very being. 

This experiential workshop will give you opportunities to explore a local area of nature with a playful curious body, seeing, hearing, sensing things if anew. There will be a little  game playing plus individual activities to help everyone connect to their inner child  and to notice how being outside in a natural environment changes how we feel – what does it do to our brains, bodies and emotions.

We will be outside whatever the weather, so come prepared with suitable footwear, extra layers of clothes and waterproofs if it looks like rain. 

Clare Pearl – Working with body sensations and symbols to explore power loss and power recall.

Clare is a person-centered therapist and supervisor with training in focusing and shamanic journeying.Working with body sensations and symbols to explore power loss and power recall.

A workshop exploring situations that induce fear in us and how we attempt to bring ourselves back into more connection with self and others.
There will be an invitation to share personal experience for the benefit of the group, create a map charting our progress from discomfort and distress, back towards more safety and availability, and create opportunities to experience co-regulation.
I will draw on ideas from Shamanism, Focusing and Polyvagal Theory, and welcome contributions from the group who may use other ways of working.


Whilst the main space is on level ground, some spaces including the toilet have step access.

If you would like to attend and these things may present a problem, please contact me and we can discuss feasibility.

I apologise for the restrictive inconvenience.

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